Is Facebook Really that Break you want? – Follow Up

I wrote about Facebook in this blog post.

Since then, it seems many people have decided to leave this Social Media giant.

There are even tools to help you do it faster!

Export your Facebook Photos


Box Facebook in with your browser to limit tracking

Do you have the hebee geebees?


Well you have probably noticed that we are in a counter-reformation. Not this




See my friend Zuck is hanging his head because he realizes that he ‘dun goofed‘.

Mark Zuckerberg realizes that…

Facebook had an enormous responsibility to safeguard a plethora of data and they fell short.

Now, it doesn’t take an oversized brain to postulate that Facebook may only be upset because the backlash is large, that they cannot sweep it under the rug this time.  They have been found out and the negligence with which they’ve treated our data has led to a full blown scandal.

Don’t forget, Facebooks original strategy might be summarized as “make as much public as possible.” Take a look at this article back in 2010.

Even US Congress got involved and created some comical outtakes

I’m not Facebook’s #1 fan, but this next part is important.

We can all learn from how Facebook handled this mishap.  Listen up.

They owned it.

Facebook (or perhaps their board) acknowledged their wrong doing, and moved to correct.  I have always been taught the mark of maturity is the willingness to accept blame.  “Ok, I was responsible. Now how do we move forward and improve?”

It doesn’t take much searching online to find things like Variety’s article about how this confusion over privacy will change things moving forward.

Security and data handling will get better, but I have some suspicions it will get worse before it gets better.

Look behind the curtain and see what’s on Facebook’s horizon.  I have to tell you, it’s scary.

Check out the patents Facebook has applied to receive in the recent past including algorithms to see if you are in a relationship without you explicitly stating so.

So, is it time to jump ship and leave Facebook?

The decision is up to you and it always will be up to you.

Did your cop-out alert go off?

Truth is, these decisions have ripples.  And they are hard.

I will continue to use it for business, communications and networking.

Let me give you the starter guideline I recommend as food for thought.

Take stock of what does for you and what it gives you.  What value does Facebook and its services provide you? 

If you are convinced it has no value and holds you back from your true potential (whoops, myself coming out there), go for it.  Then dump facebook.


If, you have determined Facebook still valuable, then perhaps you can consider a step back.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to check in from time to time, stay connected to your peers and friends.

Most people probably fall into the “could use a step back” category.

When is the last time someone was upset that you started to read more and weren’t checking Facebook as often?

Here are 3 easy right NOW things you can do.

  1. Check and change your notifications on your phone and Computer.  Do you need to be alerted during all these times?  No.  Stop feeding into the age of compulsion.
  2. Remove the Facebook app from your mobile phone.  Decide that you only want to check it on your Computer on YOUR schedule.
  3. Commit to a blackout time and decide to only use it when and how you choose.  It’s a tool and you use it, don’t let it control you.

My tip is to keep Facebook at arms length with an upturned eyebrow, like the cousin who has a lot to say but will eventually get you into trouble.


What do you think?  Do you feel Facebook still has value?  How do you use it in your everyday lives?  Feel free to comment or shoot me an email and let me know.

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